20 million people downvoted TikTok in few days


More than 20 million experienced the same emotion towards the same subject and did the same action within the last few days. They all got overwhelmingly upset with social media app TikTok and rated it 1 on Android Play Store with a goal of lowering its rating from above 4 to close to 1. From a perspective of innovation, sales, and marketing this is a very rare and interesting event, here is why:

– It is possible to motivate tens of millions of people into instant action with few social media videos.

– Star rating motivates binary emotional responses (love it or hate it), not quality feedback (rational comments on details).

– Automated content moderation produces poor quality content. This problem is present in TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. Wikipedia however uses human moderation and has more trustworthy quality content.

– Extremely marginal details show the quality of design. 99 % of content can be well designed but remaining 1 % can still be damaging. Good design strategies handle extreme marginal details well.

– Softer brands are much more vulnerable to emotional outbursts. Harder brands are more stable in their position and safer.

– Most users are passive and are not aware that they should train the algorithms. I was able to train TikTok algorithm to show me content I prefer within 20 hours of use.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 20 May 2020