Raw interviews on creativity, innovation, change - series 1

Few weeks ago I have decided to do unedited Zoom interviews with people I admire. My goal was that we learn about innovation, creativity, change, product design, big and small organizations, competition. Here is the first batch of interviews, I hope you find them inspiring as much as I did:


Mirco Pegoraro, CEO, Geoplast
Mirco is unique as a highly innovative product designer / CEO of Geoplast. He has designed hundreds of products but his most successful invention is Geopanel – recycled plastic formwork with which disrupted the global construction industry.


Richard Barbrook, political theorist
Richard wrote the Californian Ideology, one of the more influential philosophical essays. He is also a top advisor of UK Labour Party.


Rafael Rozendaal, contemporary artist
Rafael is one of the most popular digital artists with more than 50 million unique visits per year on his art websites.


Andy Polain, Antirom founder & author of Service Design
Andy is a founder of Antirom, a mid 90’s experimental design group which invented much interactions such as swipe. Today he is working as an service innovator for large organizations.


Aleksandar Sørensen-Markovic, Founder, OOB life
Aleksandar is a sports innovator and entrepreneur, founder of OOB life. He is focused on making high level coaching and training knowledge more accessible.


Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, architectural researcher
Srdjan was teaching architecture at Harvard, CUNY, Pen, and has recently started working at Potsdam Institute. We spoke about the relationship between architecture, construction, and change overall.


Zoran Todorovic, Founder, TNM Coaching
Zoran is a globally renown coach focused on innovation and creativity. He worked with top global brands, executives, and teams. He is the owner of TNM Coaching.


Nick Feinberg, Cape Town radio celebrity
Nick is one of the top radio personalities in Cape Town, South Africa. He says it the way he sees it, and has became a voice of Cape Town (and Chelsea). We spoke about change in South Africa.


Massimiliano Dotti, Director of Customer Experience, Subito
Massimiliano is responsible for customer feedback in one of the biggest Italian portals – Subito. We spoke about customer voice in large organizations, and about competition between local and global brands.


Mauro Gatti, Founder, Happy Broadcast
Mauro is one of the top Italian creatives currently working as Head of Content in JibJab. He also founded The Happy Broadcast – positive news publishing project which quickly grew to half a million followers on Instagram.


Steven Schkolne, digital inventor
Steven is a unique – he is one of the top developers with a PhD from Caltech, and an artist who taught at CalArts. He is a serial inventor and an occasional entrepreneur when he thinks he should make his own products.


More interviews will come soon. If you wish to be part of the Raw interview series please email me.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 2 Sep 2020