What I learned after adding more than 140 innovations

nikola tosic

As a founder of openinnovation.me I was the first user or, as we say, innovator. I registered on 18 September 2020 and in 14 months I added 141 innovations and rated 435 innovations as important. Every time I started using a new publishing platform or social media I was slow, and openinnovation.me was not different. I was a bit blocked about what to write, but eventually I accelerated and discovered my style and interests. Here are my main impressions:

I learned more about things that interest me
Even after working in some domains for decades I was still surprised by innovations others posted. I found this little reality check very useful.

I discovered new interests
I had no idea that I would enjoy biotech, health, and pharma as much. I did not post so much about it but I found myself constantly interested. I only need to find a way to quickly find innovations and brands. I only wish we already had a biotech, health, and pharma innovators and brands that posted often so I can learn more.

I started to evaluate media and products as innovation
Before I could be distracted much easier and I was engaging news and media on a more reactionary basis. I still like fun and engaging content but I am much more objective in evaluating news, entertainment, and products. I could say that my world view shifted a bit towards being more objective.

I gained more confidence in my knowledge and authority in my work
Adding 141 and rating 435 innovations means I read almost 300 of innovations by other people. This is less than one innovation in 5 mins a day. Although I spend much more time on other social media (Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, Youtube, Facebook) time spent on openinnovation.me was much more effective in informing and teaching me. As all these minutes added over months I felt better and better about the experience and was more motivated to add and read. openinnovation.me was a positive experience for me.

Written by: Nikola Tosic
Publishing date: 19 Nov 2021